Every time we run a successful teespring campaign, 10% of all profits will be donated toward bringing an animal out of a high kill shelter and into the safe hands of the Homeward Trails Animal Rescue located in Arlington, VA USA. Thankfully, we reached our goal during our last campaign and have decided to help sponsor Yogi, a one year old black lab, pit bull mix who has been described as being a calm and sweet dog. A total of $150 must be raised to save Yogi's life and he is in dire need of our help as time is very quickly running out for him. It is extremely troubling that black pets are more likely to be overlooked in shelters for numerous reasons; the stupidity and ignorance of people who believe black animals are associated with bad luck, they are also often viewed as more mundane, dull looking and less photogenic than animals with more color. Additionally, it is a proven fact that that black pets have the highest euthanization rate in shelters because of unfounded misperceptions and preconceived notions. In order to re-launch our last Million People For Pets teespring campaign (hoodies and tee shirts) and to further help Yogi, 14 more shirts need to be pre-ordered so that we can be guaranteed of going to print. Orders can be placed at: Please consider donating to Yogi's cause in any way you can so that his life can be saved. All animals deserve to live a life filled with unconditional love and one by one, we can all make a difference. -Heather Steall, Million People For Pets.