Every time we run a successful teespring campaign, 10% of all profits will be donated toward bringing an animal out of a high kill shelter and into the safe hands of the Homeward Trails Animal Rescue located in Arlington, VA USA. Thankfully, we reached our goal during our last campaign which ended yesterday and have decided to help sponsor Linda, a beautiful and sweet cat who is currently in a high kill shelter. She enjoys the company of both people and other cats. An additional $28 is needed to reach the $100 goal so that Linda's life can be saved. She is in dire need of our help as time is very quickly running out for her. In order to re-launch our last Million People For Pets teespring campaign (holiday hoodies) and to further help Linda, 15 more shirts need to be pre-ordered so that we can be guaranteed of going to print. Orders can be placed at: Please consider donating to Linda's cause in any way you can so that her life can be saved. All animals deserve to live a life filled with unconditional love and one by one, we can all make a difference. -Heather Steall, Million People For Pets. .


09/26/2017 3:12am

Animal part of our world and being a human we should take care of them. Animals need to the proper food and cats is famous to keep in home as a pet. Cat is also nice and pretty animal.

10/15/2017 5:18am

We also had two cats at home before. I was actually the one who found out about them. It was a sunny morning that time when I decided to visit my friend. I was walking when I noticed two little kittens. They are so cute, so I decided to adopt them. I remembered as well how happy my sisters are when I went home with those kittens. I was the one who named them as well. And now, they already have their own families.

10/03/2017 7:43am

I support this campaign. I can donate your some money if you need that. Just contact me.

10/06/2017 11:44pm

Can I support you now? Do you need this? I want to help you so much.


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