Every time we run a successful teespring campaign, 10% of all profits are donated toward bringing an animal out of a high kill shelter and into the safe hands of the Homeward Trails Animal Rescue located in Arlington, VA USA. Thankfully, we reached our goal during our last campaign which ended yesterday and have decided to help sponsor Delilah, an energetic female Lab/Border Collie mix who is 6-8 months old and weighs 35lbs. She has very quickly become a staff favorite at the shelter where she is currently housed though time is running out and more money still needs to be raised. Please consider donating to Delilah's cause in any way you can so that her life can be saved. All animals deserve to live a life filled with unconditional love and one by one, we can all make a difference. -Heather Steall, Million People For Pets


Your decision to show Sponsored Pet For Peace, Love & Paws campaign might've gone with intrigue. I'm quite sure that things would've happened just like they were planned, perhaps even better. Because the reception's almost all positive.

10/01/2017 6:19pm

Spread your wings!

10/02/2017 12:28am

I feel sorry for an animal like Delilah. Just like any one of us here, we deserve to be cared and loved by the people around us. But in Delilah's situation, she had been maltreated as if she doesn't have the right to live. As a person, it is also our job to make these animals feel that they are important too. Delilah deserves an owner that will show her how good it is to live in this world. Al of us should be an instrument and be friends with animals! It's time to make an action and let these dogs have the lives they deserve!


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