Wonderful news to report. I just received a message from a friend who would like to remain anonymous. This very generous person donated the additional $28 needed in order to save Linda's life The funds raised will enable the Homeward Trails Animal Rescue located in Arlington, Virginia USA to rescue Linda from a high kill shelter and bring her to safety. Linda is one of the lucky ones who is will be given a second chance. My greatest hope is that she will live a lifetime filled with happiness and unconditional love. Thank you to all who helped to make her rescue possible! -Heather Steall, Million People For Pets



09/21/2017 9:02am

Beautiful post-Heather Steall, I haven't seen many of cats like this one, I might get some of the dissertation writers to help me with getting started with adopting a cat like this one, Thanks again


Those red sparkling eyes are just adorable. That's the thing I like most about cats, their personality. Cats are the most adorable animals which could be termed as pets, mammals.


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